Shaheen Peerbhai

Shaheen Peerbhai

Chef, author and writer

Also: Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Alain Ducasse trained chef. James Beard Foundation and The Culinary Trust scholar.

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Not So Plain Vanilla

DNA India
"A good natural vanilla pod is a moist, bendy, black stick, which is typically over 6 inches in length. The pod should be aromatic and feel dense when held, leaving an oily residue in your hands. That’s when you know you will have the sweet smell of vanilla infusing beautifully in your dessert."

Why You Should Go Nuts Over Peaches

DNA India
"Pick the right fruit: crispy apples, juicy pears, velvety peaches, shiny cherries, and the glistening strawberries that shine like edible rubies, are all great fruits to use in a crisp. Even the fruits which aren’t quite as delicious when they’re just coming into season taste great because baking will intensify its sweetness."

Twist like a Babka

DNA India
"The Babka dough is enriched with butter and egg yolks, and that makes it similar to the French Brioche, the Austrian Kugelhopf and the Isreali Kranz cake. Amongst all these varieties, the Kranz cake is the one that has the best visual appeal. The bread shaped using this method looks spectacular with the filling oozing out of exposed swirls of the braided loaf of bread. Traditionally, the Babka filling is made up of nuts and raisins but in this case, veering away from the norm and using chocolate and cinnamon is a change for the better."

Getting Sticky with Cinnamon Bun

DNA India
"It’s a smell that you always want your house to be enveloped in, a smell that was worth the break in your sleep. The oven timer goes off, you pull out the tray to be greeted by golden-hued spirals of sweet buns. It’s time to summon the family and share cinnamon buns over coffee."

Let Them Eat Pound Cake

DNA India
"The name gives it all away: a pound each of flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Plus, there is no special technique or equipment required. At the end of a rather impatient hour in front of the oven, and several pokes into the centre of the cake to test whether it’s done, a golden-brown loaf cake with a pleasant crust and tight crumb awaits you."