Shaheen Peerbhai

Shaheen Peerbhai

Chef, author and writer

Also: Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Alain Ducasse trained chef. James Beard Foundation and The Culinary Trust scholar.

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The French New Wave

The boundaries between classical and modern are blurred. While the techniques are rooted in classical French cooking, the ingredients are eclectic.

GQ India

10 books on food every man must read

In restaurant kitchens, space is at a premium and in every kitchen I’ve ever worked in, there’s been just enough room for a dozen or so books. They have to be incredibly useful and special to find a place there, making this one of my preferred spots to discover excellent new reads.

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Dye Already: A Day At Block Printing Class

Mrs Shyamala Rao’s block printing class will cost you an arm and a leg. We mean that literally, in terms of spent limbs – legs that will have to trek to the North Eastern suburbs of Mumbai and forearms that will press down on big wooden blocks.

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Chef's Table: An Outdoor Market in Paris is a Beautiful Thing.

In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport,” wrote Julia Child. The presence of over 90 outdoor food markets in the capital alone testifies to this national obsession. Chance upon them, ask a local for the nearest one, or search for a “marché” on

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Conde Nast Traveller

Rome's Gourmet Goodies

Celebrated food blogger Shaheen Peerbhai scours Rome for the most delicious ingredients.

Goat cheese article
GQ India

The Bluffer's Guide to Cheese

GQ India
Can’t tell your chalk from your cheese? Here's our guide to the popular cheeses available and when to eat them.

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BBC Good Food

A French Affair

Classic French pastry recipe feature for BBC Good Food Magazine.

Paris market article
BBC Good Food

PARIS: Eat Like a Local

Insider tips plus recipes from French food author Dorie Greenspan for BBC GF India.

Plain meringue article
BBC Good Food

Light as Air

Recipes and photography for BBC GF India. "Snowy-peaked meringues look super impressive. Give them a twist with unusual flavours such as rose and Nutella."

BBC Good Food

The Sweet Life

10 gorgeous recipes for standout entertaining.

BBC Good Food

No-fuss Mediterranean

Quick and stylish Mediterranean menu.

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CNN Travel

Yazdani: Bread and Butter for Three Generations of Mumbai Iranis

Yazdani bakery in Fort has always been a place for heavily buttered brun pav, and now also the healthiest multi-grain loaf.

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CNN Travel

Mumbai Mango Compendium

Please understand. In Mumbai, mangoes are something of a celebrity.

MB Maps: Crawford Market

Mumbai Boss
From exotic cheese to cake moulds, Shaheen Peerbhai shows us the way around Mumbai's iconic Crawford Market.

MAP: Crawford Market

Mumbai Boss
PDF Map to the Crawford Market Guide.